The New York Pediatric Society

The New York Pediatric Society was founded in 1928 by a group of academic pediatricians with the stated goal being “to promote and stimulate clinical study among physicians who are engaged in the practice of pediatrics.” The organization was originally called the New York Pediatric Club although in 1938 the name was changed to the New York Pediatric Society. Over the years it has been privileged to have as its members many physicians who have been prominent in the history of Pediatrics. Just a few names, Samuel Karelitz, Carl Smith, Samuel Z. Levine, Saul Krugman, Oscar Schloss, Milton Levine, and Doris Millman.

The Society has been meeting continuously since its founding in 1928. We currently meet 7-8 times yearly at the National Arts Club which is located in the historic Samuel Tilden house on Gramercy Park South. At this venue the members enjoy a wonderful dinner accompanied by a presentation of material on a wide range of topics that are of interest to pediatricians and pediatric medical and surgical specialists..

At our gala May meeting, we invite spouses and partners, and we have a speaker of more general interest.

We encourage all health professionals who care for children to join us and participate in the activities of the Society. For further information or to join, please contact our secretary through this website.